The History


From a historic building moved from Bodie, a new restaurant has emerged on the shores of Mono Lake. The original restaurant at the lodge opened in 1918. It was known then as a “very exclusive” place to eat, where the waiters wore tuxedos and the diners dressed formally. The tables were decorated with silver candelabras and lace linens.


Outdoor dining is a feature of the Hammond Station Restaurant at the Tioga Lodge, with seating available on the Patio and in the garden overlooking Mono Lake with the volcanic islands, Negit and Paoha.


Across the patio, in the back of the old Hammond store building is a saloon. Built in an old storage area, the bar has the feel of a cellar, with old stone walls, a rustic wood ceiling and a sand floor. Old western movie posters hang on the walls, along with the original Tioga Lodge sign. The saloon is available for wine tasting or a cold beer.

The Restaurant

Welcome, and

come on in ...>


<... Or enjoy our

Patio dining

and a fine view

of Mono Lake


“Hammond Station”


At Tioga Lodge

You can even go for a picnic on top of our meadow ...>